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By United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner Water is crucial to life. Rivers serve as the Earth’s arteries, conveying water, nutrients and sediments from the sources of rivers to oceans. The grave unsustainability of freshwater ecosystems not only degrades biodiversity, but also severely affects the lives and human rights of the most impoverished. Large dams break the susta

In May 2021, a series of billboards and transit shelter ads in Winnipeg address Sarah Guillemard, MLA for Fort Richmond, stating: “MLA Sarah Guillemard, Don’t let Hydro destroy South Indian Lake.” The locations are: Pembina Hwy and Killarney (ES, ES, photo free for use) and a digital billboard across from Polo Park .Almost 50,000 have signed a petition&nbs

By Will Braun in opinion piece for Winnipeg Free Press Despite its role as a critical economic and moral player, Manitoba Hydro is subject to scant public scrutiny. Hydro employs more than 5,000 Manitobans, carries over $20 billion in debt, keeps our lights on and is finishing the most costly project in Manitoba's history. In the moral ledger, Hydro's operations significantly and sometimes d

October 21, 2020 We fully stand with the Mi’kmaq Nation and the Fishermen asserting their Mi’kmaq Treaty Fishing Rights for a “Moderate Livelihood” as per the 1752 Peace and Friendship Treaty. We condemn the racist violent actions by the non-Indigenous commercial fishermen and allies, as well as the RCMP who have evidently failed to protect the Mikmaq people of continual colonial viole

By Shirley Ducharme Original Article featured in Winnipeg Free Press January 21, 2020 While in Winnipeg, federal cabinet members will talk about reconciliation while enjoying the spoils of our unreconciled existence. When they flick light switches or charge their phones, they will plug directly into the reality of our community, and others like it. That makes this a good time to invite them

By Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie From September 20-27th, over 7.6 million people in 185 countries participated in more than 6,100 Global Climate Strike protests, 85 of which were Canadian cities and towns, including 1 million Canadians and 15 thousand people in Winnipeg. It has been claimed to be the largest global protest in history. People of all intersectionalities, including “73 trade unions, 820

By Mathew Scammell On June 10th, 2019, residents of Misipawistik Cree Nation and Grand Rapids hosted a rally and march in their community to protest the removal of night shift workers from the Grand Rapids Generating Station operated by Manitoba Hydro. This change in policy would see the dam go unmonitored from around 5:30pm until 7:00am every single day. This raised concerns in the local commu

By Mathew Scammell On May 29th, 2019, members from Wa Ni Ska Tan attended a protest in front of the Manitoba Legislature in support of residents of Hollow Water First Nation. These residents were advocating against a silica sand mine project that had been approved by their Chief and Council, the Manitoba Government, and is being run by Canadian Premium Sand. The extracted sand is to be shipped

On Friday, March 22nd, over 150 people gathered at the Manitoba Hydro Place Courtyard and marched to the Legislative Building to call for responsible management of our water. Wa Ni Ska Tan co-hosted this event with the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition. This year we focused not only on hydro issues, but all major water issues affecting communities in Manitoba. The goal of the event was

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Trappers Association and Fisher’s Co-op staged a successful protest against Manitoba Hydro this past week, capping off nine years of stalled negotiations between land users and the crown corporation. The issue on the table for this whole time was the disruption to livelihoods for trappers and fishers, after Cedar Lake and the Grand Rapids dam flooded their traditional terr