Indigenous NGO Partners

Formal partners of the Wa Ni Ska Tan Hydro Alliance with a focus on grassroots and community-based actions and representing hydro affected indigenous communities.

Aki Energy

Aki Energy constitutes of a non-profit Aboriginal social enterprise which works with First Nations communities in starting local green businesses, creating local jobs and growing local economies.

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

The Centre for Indigenous Environment Resources helps First Nations communities in building their capacity to solve environmental problems that are affecting their lands and resources.

Community Association of South Indian Lake

This corporation is owned and run by the people of South Indian Lake. It works towards the management and negotiation with the relevant authorities in regards to the impacts associated with the Churchill River Diversion Project.

Concerned Fox Lake Grassroots Citizens

This grassroots group constitutes of a small community-based indigenous organization.

Honor the Earth

This non-profit organization provides awareness and support for native environmental issues. It also provides financial and political resources on issues related to sustainability. This organization uses music, arts, media and Indigenous wisdom to increase public awareness on joint dependency on the Earth and also be a voice for those which are not heard.

Justice Seekers of Nelson House

The Justice Seekers of Nelson House advocates for First Nations communities and the environment.  They provide support and help at community-based level.

Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective

The University of Winnipeg is located in downtown Winnipeg and has a diverse range of programs and small class sizes.

Sagkeeng Alliance

This alliance is a Sagkeeng First Nation community-based group. This community has a deep respect and knowledge on the physical and spiritual elements of water. Its members are river and lake people.

Tommy Thomas Memorial Health Complex and Community Centre

This is a community health centre assists the local community by providing and bringing information on health programs and services.  It also provides support to O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation on traditional food and culture related programs.