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Speech Motion 7, December 14, 2021. Official Report. Women and girls are a powerful force for climate action. Polls consistently indicate that women are more aware than men of environmental degradation and its harms, want the government to take urgent action on this issue and they vote based on issues relating to climate. Action to arrest, mitigate and prevent climate change and environmenta

By Mathew Scammell Drought conditions across the Prairies have been causing far-reaching implications in recent years (1). Water levels flowing into Southern Manitoba are at a 40-year low (2), and have been impacting agriculture, drinking water sources, and recreation. These impacts are also being felt by Northern Manitoba as well, with dry conditions also increasing the frequency of forest fir

By United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner Water is crucial to life. Rivers serve as the Earth’s arteries, conveying water, nutrients and sediments from the sources of rivers to oceans. The grave unsustainability of freshwater ecosystems not only degrades biodiversity, but also severely affects the lives and human rights of the most impoverished. Large dams break the susta

by Emily Hayes on Sep 9, 2021  for RTO Insider "A critic of hydropower says politicians often make “vacuous statements about a particular energy source being clean, but that is not the case.” The Nation Anishnabe of Lac Simon in Quebec, seen here, says that hydropower dams and associated infrastructure have robbed the Anishnabe people of resources and their way of life. The New England

By Andrea Sutherland Many features essential to a hydroelectric generating station are inherently harmful to fish populations. Aside from the obvious ones, like the barrier to migration, and injury from turbines, hydro dams slow the fast-moving water that some species require for spawning and flush away the eggs of others. They alter ecosystems and destroy populations through changes in water q

By Andrea Sutherland Companies use terms like “clean,” “green” and “environmentally-friendly” to celebrate their environmental sustainability, but without the evidence to support their claims, they are not ecological warriors; they’re greenwashing. The term “greenwashing” has been around since 1986, when environmentalist Jay Westerveld used it to describe a hotel’s effort t

Dispelling the Myths of Hydro in Manitoba On World Water Day, March 22nd, we wanted to challenge the notion that hydropower is clean and green. It was a chance to walk in solidarity with and support of hydro-impacted communities across Manitoba. It was also an opportunity for Winnipeggers to hear directly from Indigenous people living in these impacted communities and learn. The event be

The Ongoing Impacts of Northern Hydro Development By Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition (originally published on MEJC's website on August 28th, 2017) Manitoba celebrates the “clean energy” that comes from Manitoba Hydro’s damn systems in the province’s North. But to call this energy “clean” is a misnomer. MEJC members recently participated in a tour of northern communities affe