Songs Sung


A poem by Lysette Neckoway 

Follow the bi-poles down highway 6 

This is how I remember 

The way home 

To the front step 

Of Kitanaskotapanimosoms fishing camp 

Where he raised his children 

A trail to my community 


Where they meet 

Those three rivers 

Where whisahkijacks footprints remain 

Desecrated on our lands 

Where he once sat 


Beneath the once shallow shores 

All for “the development” 

Of a corporation 

Caught between two worlds 

One which was instilled upon my people 

Western ideologies that clash with 

Nitho kiskinahamakana 

To care for the land and animals 

To take only what my family needed 

Prayers offered 

To the creator for strength and guidance 

Songs sung 

By my children and ancestors 

To slow 

These corporations 

Before it is too late 

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