Meet Tanjina!


Tanjina Tahsin has recently come from Bangladesh and is a first-year graduate student at the University of Manitoba’s Master of Environment program. She has a B.S. (Honours) degree in Soil, Water and Environment from University of Dhaka.

During her Master’s degree from the same department she studied Environment as her major arena of focus and completed a thesis on contamination (heavy metals) of food (specifically vegetables), sources of contaminants, and networks in the food chain, as well as their effect on human health. From 2013 to 2015 she worked for an International NGO, International Fertilizer Development Center, focusing on innovative agricultural technology as well as rural development, focusing especially on women.

During her work she has explored many monitoring tools (survey, interview and focus group discussions) based on project needs. Tanjina has also gained experience working with adolescents in an Adolescent Development Programme for BRAC, an international development organization based in Bangladesh.

Now under the supervision of Dr. Stephane McLachlan she will conduct her research which will focus on the implications of hydro development for water quality and associated community concerns. She will be concentrating on setting up community based monitoring program with four or five communities and will collect environmental data. It is expected that her work will include both Traditional Knowledge (TK) and western environmental sciences in addressing community concerns.


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