2017 Spring Gathering Evaluation Feedback


From June 7th to the 10th, 2017 community members, researchers, and NGOs met in Norway House Cree Nation for our annual Spring Gathering. Over the course of four days over eighty people from 15 Metis and First Nations communities came together to discuss and address the impacts of hydropower. Youth and elders were well represented and it was a privilege to hear everyone’s stories and work together on steps to move forward. We’re hoping to make 2018 even better so thank you so much to everyone who filled out the evaluation. Here’s what some people had to say:

About the Gathering…

“The food was great, the accommodations were adequate, and the morning   ceremony on Thursday was an amazing way to start.”

“Everyone was very friendly. Everything was well organized.”

“More traditional food and healthy options.”

“Touring impacted areas or critical habitat areas would have been more relevant.”

“It was good to see all the group from the Yukon come. Didn’t realize the impact they experienced with hydro. We need other groups out at the meeting, example James Bay government reps.”

“I learned a lot about what goes on in the North, about how the hydro dams destroy the communities, and our environment, I had no idea what was going on in the North, when I go home I am going to inform people in my community about what’s happening here.”

“I wish that the gathering focused more on advocacy and action. The group seems to be in a place ready for ‘action’. It’s important for people to remember we should be giving community members a chance to share their voices and knowledge!”

“Sweat Lodge/Medicine walk was GREAT. Would have liked more.”

About Research Ideas, Questions, and Themes…

“Confusion around role of project vs role of Northern Indigenous communities.  Some think they are the same.”

“I agree with everything being said. We need to show and advertise our youth that’s who’s going to be suffering in the future. Our children, our Grand-children.”

“Need to articulate how FNs are benefitting from the research activities (outreach and communication coordinator).”

“I suggest to make the results of different projects accessible for all the WHA that we can use data, videos, reports, etc to continue building the big picture of different issues.”

“We need more action in regards to hydro and their activities, and future plans. We need more updates on their schedule. We need to invite more government officials and first nation leaders from all over. We need lawyers to look into class action law suits, in regards to the social impacts to what hydro has done to our way of life, such as the social impacts that continue on in our communities. Maybe reopen the agreements because of the ongoing impacts.”

About the Alliance…

“Promote the hell out of the Alliance online. People don’t know about the group.”

“Unclear how the group is governed and what the strategic direction is.”

“Now it is time to put words/discussion to actions. ‘United we rise, divided we fall,’ time to come together for collective action.”

“Pragmatism is resilience. Very honored to be associated with Wa Ni Ska Tan.”

“Whether we live in the South or the north we as Indian People are in a constant battle w/ the different Hydro companies across Canada. If we can unite and get our own voice heard.”

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